Easy Instagram Marketing Post Ideas for SMB

Instagram is a visual communication and marketing channel. SMBs can use Instagram to strengthen customer loyalty and attract new customers. How? Annie Nolan from Small Business Trends shared 20 interesting ideas. Here are a few that stuck out to us:

Explain Product or Service Uses

Education, education, education! Consumers need to know why they should invest in one of your products and services. However, that doesn’t mean directly promoting your specific product every time. For example, a physical therapist could explain how misalignment in the spine could occur by sitting at a desk all day. Health food restaurants may elaborate more on how specific nutrients are beneficial to the human body! This angle will help build credibility and trust with consumers.

Events and Sales Announcements

This one is probably obvious to most. Consumers love to know about an SMB events and sales, even if they haven’t visited it before. This, supplemented with imagery, helps compel your followers to act. For example, sharing an image of your last event, and how fun it was, would give consumers a positive expectation of your upcoming one.

Founder Photos

This is especially the case for brick and mortar local small businesses owners! Consumers prefer to shop at neighborhood businesses over big businesses because of the personalized service they receive, according to eMarketer. They also love to support the local economy and who specifically they are supporting (i.e., local business owners). Take this as an opportunity to share who you are and what is important to you. It will help you built trust and loyalty.


People love positivity and humor. Sharing quotes that evoke those feelings will align the emotion of happiness to your brand. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

There are many more ideas shared on this Small Busines Trends article! I encourage you to check it out.

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Omar Elkuka
Your Neighborhood Network

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